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Story of a Seasoned Mompreneur

When one can identify an opportunity and create a product that not only meets requirements and demands but open doors to a whole new industry at a more professional level is when we can call true entrepreneurship. Meet Mrs. Suolahie-u Keditsu, a pioneer in the homemade meat pickle manufacturing business since the year 1996 under the brand name “Aru’s Choice”, no wonder had become the “People’s Choice” all over Nagaland and beyond. With the support of her husband, the business had been successfully running until a tragic accident of her…

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Merenla Imsong

Profession I work in a multidisciplinary design store where we merge Japanese and Indian aesthetics while taking inspiration from the films of Wong Kar Wai and Wim Wenders. Current Project At work, I have been using most of my time on book research. Post work, I try to make videos with my cousin, half of which I end up deleting because I am not satisfied. Start of career My first onstage character was Daisy- a feisty, snappy housemaid who didn’t really care what her Monsieur thought as long as he…

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Longchen-Homestay Brands 


From door to door and shops selling gift items  to marketing outside the state Longchen crafts is now making a mark in the crafts industry. According to owner Annie Jamir, she started this off as a hobby and slowly started to market them in small scale, and after getting lot of support and encouragement from family, friends and well wishers, today she makes crafts and candles under the brand name Naga Hut. Naturally smoked handwoven basket     She says, it wasn’t so easy to start off in the beginning, “I…

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