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  1. http://rootsandleisure.com


Roots and Leisure is an online platform where people can explore different cultures of the world through stories about local people and their way of life.We passionately promote Local Artists, Entrepreneurs and Creators as their work and art are often honest reflections of their roots and at the same time, act as harbingers of the future of that culture.

The R&L community is a group of artists, entrepreneurs, travelers and dreamers – all sharing stories about their roots, their art , their dreams, their friends, their family, the food they eat, the places they go to, their leisure activities and so much more!

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2. etecoffee.com 

ETE Coffee


Été Coffee is a Naga’s own first Coffee Roasting Company. It is an organically grown single origin Coffee, shade grown, incorporating natural fermentation process, sun-dried and roasted locally in Nagaland. Based out of the beautiful town of Kohima, which is the capital of Nagaland. It is registered under Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI)- Lic. No. 21917002000041.


We are a group of trained young and energetic Naga Coffee Roasters. For the love of coffee we decided to leave our conventional professional Jobs in pursuit of following our calling in creating avenues and opportunities to the young Naga generation through our services for sustainable living. We envision attitudinal change in the community by means of doing away the dependency on the “Government Economy”.

Every purchase you make at Été Coffee impact life.

10% OF THE PROCEEDS GOES TO “EMPLOYABILITY OF YOUTH FUND (EYF)”. The EYF generated sponsor Naga Youths like us who struggle to push through the less travelled path to equip themselves with Skills required to become employable at all sectors.

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About Us

Lung Lung Construction Pvt. Ltd (LLC Pvt. Ltd) with its motto “Fashioning Smarter, Safer Homes” provides building solutions from architectural design support to package deal for complete solution of building your home. LLC Pvt. Ltd provides products from Notion- Luxury Wooden Flooring, Fiber Cement with multiple usage in building purposes, DuPont™ Corian®  surface design and construction materials, elegant Pergolas and versatile selection of interior design and lighting.

The objective of LLC Pvt. Ltd is to provide wider options and choices in building their homes  with a varied range of materials, designs and products that will fit any budget. We provide skilled masonries (skilled construction laborers) so as to ensure the houses built with our materials are safe and and resilient enough to reduce the risk in the event of any disaster.

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4. emokokchung.com


The website is designed to highlight the information of Mokokchung town. The content of this site includes stories of different wards of Mokokchung town, the ‘where’ and ‘what’ of Mokokchung town’s educational institutions, health centre, lodges, tourist spot, offices, shopping hubs etc. It also has space where articles, poems and different write-up of like-minded people are entertained and e-books are introduced as well.

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Onlybafo offers Free Online Payment Services for All shops. Free advertising platform and Online Selling facilities for all shops and entrepreneurs in India. (Source: https://www.onlybafo.com/about.aspx)

6. zynkr.com



ZYNKR ONLINE SERVICE PVT LTD (Nagaland) an  e-commerce business company, started  with a view help the people(Nagas) get ahead in this fast changing digital world.

Zynkr aims to provide service to unreached part of market at reasonable rate, and make the life of people more comfortable and easier . (Source: http://zynkr.com/about_us)


7. preciousmelove.com

precious me love

Celebrating femininity and freedom. Online clothing store. (Source: PML website)

8. baafoon.com 

Designs logos, posters, banners, websites as well as launch them.