Opang Jamir Metsubo

Hailing from a small beautiful town of Mokokchung, life has not been easy for this former Mister International. Started modelling at a tender age of 16 back in 2008, when male modelling was rare and new in this side of the country. It wasn’t easy for him as a model as he had to face lot of challenges and ups and down however he never gave up. He says, I came from a society where job means working in a governmental office and fashion and modelling was considered as taboo however in spite of all this he fought against all odds and went on to represent India at mister International contest held at Bangkok Thailand in 2012 from then on things have changed a lot for this young lad.


This is Opang Jamir Metsubo a young talented and upcoming model/actor from Nagaland. He is currently based at Mumbai and living his dreams in fashion and acting world. A hardworking, optimistic and a sociable person, to him he says `I want to try new things everyday and learn from them`. He gets motivation from Ellen Degeneres words ‘’be kind to one another’’ as everybody is equally important in our life’s profound journey.

When ask about how an artist/personalities will have an impact in our society, he says ‘’with the coming of internet and social media an artist/personalities or an achiever can connect well with the people and community as a whole and they can inspire a lot of people by their good deeds’’. According to him, being an artist one need to set good example so that people will follow the good trends, he however also says even an artist/personalities is also human and we all have our imperfections so people should not expect them to be perfect all the time.

About his current project he is doing a movie where a plays a part and as the movie is under production he won`t say much on that and says will talk about that later when it’s out in the theaters.





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