Naghili Swu-Chuvi’s Kitchen

1. Tell us about yourself
I’m Naghili Swu from Kohima, a retired government servant. My husband and I are blessed with 1 son, 5 daughters and 1 grandson.
2. The story behind your brand:
I always had the thought of doing some home based business after I retire from my service. So, after retiring I made up my mind to make some local products and sell. I, along with my family decided to name the brand as “Chuvi’s Kitchen” where CHUVI signifies TASTY in sumi dialect. Some of our local products are Axone with smoked pork pickle, axone with beef pickle, dried bamboo shoot, smashed sticky rice, cakes, cookies etc.

Fermented soyabean axone with smoked pork pickle Chuvi's Kitchen

Smoked pork with fermented Soybean (axone)  &  Smoked meat with fermented soybean

3. The struggles you faced and how you have overcome those obstacles as you grew your brand:
Starting a new business is not an easy task. Since, I was new to this business, I had very less ideas on how to sell my products or how promote it. I had to go shop to shop to ask and let them sell my products in their shops. I mostly targeted those shops which sell local products as I have seen that local products are at boost in the market. One day my daughter introduced me to Ilandlo and thus, I started selling some of my products on Ilandlo too. It’s a new experience to partner with Ilandlo as it is online based.

4. The work-life balance and how you can handle it all as a mother:

My children are all grown up now. So, I do not face many difficulties as my children can help me in both household chores and business.

5. Some words of Encouragement to all the mothers that it’s never too late to follow your passion especially if it’s about starting their own business:
I used to worry about what would I do after I retire as I was always a busy women with office work and household chores; and thus, I cannot justify myself to just staying idle at home after retiring. So, I started this business after my retirement from job. I feel it’s never too late for anyone to do anything good in life .A women, a wife and a mother – is not all about staying about staying at home and doing the household chores but we can always go beyond that. We should think out of the box and follow our dreams. God has given us only one life and we have to make use of the talent that God has given us. I hope to see more mothers coming up with their own business.