From door to door and shops selling gift items  to marketing outside the state Longchen crafts is now making a mark in the crafts industry. According to owner Annie Jamir, she started this off as a hobby and slowly started to market them in small scale, and after getting lot of support and encouragement from family, friends and well wishers, today she makes crafts and candles under the brand name Naga Hut.

Naturally Smoked handwoven Kollos

Naturally smoked handwoven basket



She says, it wasn’t so easy to start off in the beginning,

“I took part in small exhibitions to make a mark and convince the shop owners to keep her products on their shelves, it was hard convincing them but i was consistent”.

She adds that she finally managed to persuade a Konyak store, an outlet for selling local crafts at Guwahati.

She says her works is mainly about natural materials like bamboo, cane, driftwood and any other material related to nature. Naga Hut collaborates with different local artisans and weavers both Bamboo and Handloom to create decorative design yet functional products for different purpose, which in turn not only helps them to create beautifully crafted handmade items but also indirectly generating employment to local labourers. Some of her products includes small bamboo weave tea strainer which are ideal for green tea and tea bags, table runners, needle cushion holder, brooms to name a few of numerous products available from the list.

Apart from the craft-works, she has also widened her product category by adding homegrown organic food items like organic turmeric powder, dry ginger and ginger candy, dry gooseberry and wild apple candies, dry plum, all neatly packed in glass jars which are available at her shop “Naga Hut” in Aramile, Dimapur as well as online on

She additionally runs  “Longchen Guesthouse”, inspired by traditional Naga theme, ideally located near the airport, a homely, comfortable place with ample parking space and environmental friendly atmosphere offering you an experience of Naga hospitality, culture and food.

Find more about the guesthouse here

Longchen Guesthouse