The Makers Market Nagaland



In the vicinity of Purana Bazar, Dimapur, Nagaland, at Aiko Greens Resort, every year since 2016, Markers Market is a place for families and loved ones to relax and enjoy the day with tasty food and local made products. Hosted by a collaborated team from Zatara pvt. Ltd., Bambusa, and Aiko Greens.

Makers Market Nagaland

It has been a great success since the past year as people in large numbers particularly families and young friends are attracted by the concept of making a local market. The organizers largely believe promoting local products and thus quote “we believe in the power of ‘Local’ and that the only way our Economy can grow sustainably, is when our local businesses thrive”.

Every year the Maker’s Market is hosted during the month of September or October, when the weather is pleasant, with the winter approaching in Nagaland, India.

The organizers main objective of this initiative is to organize and create a ‘marketplace’ by bringing together the best of local food growers, producers, chefs, bakers, artists, florists, designers and service providers on one platform and provide a complete shopping and community experience for  our customers.

The Makers’ Market provides a pleasant alternative to crowded supermarket shopping, a place for business and trade, while at the same time fostering a social, community and family experience. The festive atmosphere provides a relaxing and even entertaining place to shop and meet with friends. With over 30-35 vendors and an expected footfall of 2000-3000 guests every year, for a very modest crowd. The previous Makers Market event organized in May 2016 saw a footfall of 3000 people and above.

This year the event was postponed for one day because of the rain, but it din’t affect the number of people pouring in. The basic concept was clear to the organizers as well as the visitors, which was to relax and have fun with their family.

A great event ended with yet wonderful smiles all over.