Dovipie Inn, Khonoma



About Dovipie Inn:

Dovipie Inn is located at Khonoma Village, 20 kms away from Kohima., surrounded by lush green hills and a tranquil Naga traditional Village environment. An ideal place to rejuvenate oneself. Come and stay at the Inn and get an experience which will last you a life time!

The Inn has six cosy rooms with simple and soothing décor.

The Inn can arrange for local sightseeing tours, treks, transportation, bird/butterfly watching, traditional fishing, indigenous activities, storytelling and village walks.

Facilities are also available for family outings and hosting of anniversaries, birthday parties, etc at the Inn’s “Zievo Coffee Cafe” and the fanciful “Nusi ba“.

Be a part of our Inn and experience fresh things to see and do in this little, “piece of paradise“.

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