First generation couple pickle and wine maker thinking outside the barrel.

Some entrepreneur think outside the box, but meren and his wife thinks outside the barrel-the pickle and the wine barrel, that is.
Meren and his wife is a first -generation Pickle and wine maker and founder of Nagaland Delicacies & Flavors of Nagaland. Nagaland delicacies products -which include home made pork intestines smoked pickle(hot selling), chicken pickle , smoked beef chutney,Axone chutney (fermented soyabean) , fried pork skin ,etc. and Flavors of Nagaland products include home made wine made of strawberry, sticky rice, grapes,java plum, etc are sold at 24 to 25 outlets all over state and outside the state through online delivery as well . He and his wife started the endeavor in the year 2016 to earn money for their family as he got married in the early 20’s, selling at a small pan shop in the streets of Duncan Basti. Today they sell about 1000 packets of pickles and 400-500 bottles of wine in a month even during unseason.

“Business was always the first choice”,says meren, who for the past 15 years has been engaged in different business . The two young hardworking married couple who has now two kids plan to continue making pickles of their own recipe without adding any artificial preservatives in a limited quantity but unique recipe. “Keeping pickles fresh in consumers’ minds is always a challenge “, says the couple, particularly in such a saturated market. When you’re selling such a common item, it takes some creativity to stand out. With a commodity like pickles and wine, “you need a lot of innovation and branding”to be competitive, says meren. “I enjoy experimenting and trying my own recipe, ” says the wife who makes all the pickle items with the help of some staff at their home.

“The more we can expand our product line to reach different parts of the market, is our vision”, says the couple who have merged with Ilandlo ,an online delivery service since the past 2 years helping them to grow their business and sell it outside the state as well. More traditional pickles are still the heart and soul of their business and will remain so.The couple has high hopes in their business but they have a piece of advice :”Be vigilant. You can’t stand still in the business. Don’t be lazy, be original and work hard, start small and always be humble.”