Determination of a Class 10 Student

“I was the only Naga among those who distributed newspapers every morning. I would wake up every morning at 3 am and get on my bicycle to get ready for my work. I covered the stretch from Nuton Basti, Duncan and Khermahal area. I would then go home and get ready for my school. I had decided to find a part time job somehow because I wanted to save for my further education. I stay with my grandparents and didn’t want to bother them for my fees and books once I finish my matriculation”
Such confidence and determination! There was no question of failure or no room for doubts.
Imkongmar Longkumer is one of the most sincere, humble and hardworking young boy that Ilandlo has been really blessed to work with. After being referred by one of his teachers who GUARANTEED his capablities, Imkongmar (Mar) turned up for the interview the day he completed his class 10th exam in his school uniform. For three months he would ride from Nepali Kashiram to Kuda Village on his humble bicycle, rain or shine. As a Cataloging Associate, Mar completed his association with ilandlo and has been one of our greatest assets. A quick learner, extremely efficient and highly motivated, any employer would not wish for more.
As expected, he passed his matriculation in First Division and has now joined the Government Higher Secondary School, Dimapur to study Science. With his own savings and contributions from well-wishers, he managed his admission fees, uniforms and the basic necessities but the text books turned out quite costly. We at ilandlo, as we bade farewell, wanted to give him a little suprise. Just to get an idea, we contacted a lecturer at St.John College, Dimapur, about the text book requirements. What happened next was a Blessing in Disguise because a group of lecturers from St. John College decided to pool in and sponsor the entire set of Class-11 textbooks for Mar.
We are so delighted to share the sponsors with everyone because we believe that your act of kindness will never go wasted. You have given him the opportunity to get a better education and a brighter future.
Imkongmar Longkumer is still deciding whether to join the Navy or become a Veterinary Doctor. We wish him all the success in life and career and be an inspiration to everyone because not everyone is born with a silver spoon but with determination, humility and perseverance, everything will fall into place all at the right time. With a happy grin, he promises the sponsors to study even harder and won’t let them down.

List of Sponsors from St. John College, Dimapur

1. English (3 text books) —> Dr. T K Jana (Dept. of Botany)
2. Alt. English (3 text books) —> Mr. Marshitet (Dept. of Economics)
3. Biology text book —> Mr. Uttam Nath (Dept. Of Botany)
4. Physics (Theory + Practical), Chemistry Practical:-
—> a. Mrs. Imnuksungla (Dept. Of Education)
b. Mrs. Alila Pongen (Dept. Of Education)
c. Mrs. Tiala (Dept of History)
d. Mrs. Naro Yaden (Dept of Philosophy)
e. Mrs. Asenla Longkumer (Dept of Pol.Science)
5. Chemistry (Theory), Mathematics, Biology (Practical)
–> Mr. Moaliba (Dept of Botany)