Cold Mountain Tea

Cold mountain is a tea brand developed in Nagaland, one of the North-East state of India by Imchen Tea Products. In Longkhum village of in the district of Mokokchung lies the virgin soil, at an altitude of 1864m above sea level, where the tea plantations are vastly spread over the valley of the village. The tea company launched its first product in the early 2016 with only one variety, “White Tea With Lemongrass” under it’s kitty and over a span of 14 months the product line has reached to 14 different varieties, selling in over 40 shops locally and on 5 online shopping portals. The company is fast growing as a leading tea brand in the market where local consumers are enjoying it’s finest taste.

The leaves are fresh, organic and carefully processed to give its end product with multiple flavors with focus on medicinal benefits. For example, the Cold Mountain Organic Black Tea with Natural spices with the following ingredients -Cinnamon, Black Pepper, Star Anise, Ginger, Clove, Bay Leaves, Cardamon contains no preservatives or artificial flavoring, has its own natural health benefits like reducing cholesterol and pain from arthritis, boosts the immune system, prevents tooth decay, reduces risk of cancer, stimulates digestion, promote effective insulin production in diabetics, weight loss and much more. All the varieties of tea has it’s own medicinal benefits aligned with its herbal elements, which makes the tea products very exclusive and demanding in the local market, certainly capturing the attention of many health conscious consumers.

The person behind the brand is our very own young entrepreneur whose roots goes back to Longkhum village. Lanuakum Imchen, who is a native of the village was born and raised in Dimapur, adopted the tea business after his education and went on creating Cold Mountain as a brand in the early 2016. The products focuses on the countless health benefits it can provide by combining organically grown natural herbs. Tea lovers have been commenting about the products and have become regular consumers. has been in business with Imchen tea products since it’s inception and has always found their products a favorite to the customers. As every new product launched in the market, Cold Mountain is also growing in it’s own curve and has understood the market faster than most of it’s competitors. With the increase in demand, Cold mountain products has become a household name and has done it’s magic in attracting customers even from the overseas.