Abiogenesis The Band


Abiogenesis started off as a rock band playing both originals and covers. Gradually, as the
years went by, we realise the need to go further.
This made us explore and experiment with our music. The exploration and experimentation resulted in evolving a new form of
world music called Howey music. Howey is a  fusion of Naga and other Indian folk with various forms of
modern music. The word howey is derived from the chants or expressions of the Nagas
ever since time immemorial while doing work or dance
during festivals easing them and giving them lots of energy. In the midst of
this process, something wonderful happened – the invention
of the Bamhum. This (the bamhum) novelty brought about a huge change to
how Abiogenesis sounds today. It became the leading instrument of the band with Arenla playing the lead Bamhum, and
Moa playing the harmony. After the advent of Howey music and Bamhum in 2005, we play only
originals.  Arenla and I (Moa) are the founding members and when we evolved
Howeymusic our two sons Meren on Guitar and Imli on drums
were playing with us. Due to other commitments they
are not playing with the band anymore and
the present line up is Arenla on Vocals / Bamhum, Moa on Guitar / Bamhum / Harmonica / Tikzik,
Aso on Drums / Tikzik and Kora/Sosangmeren on Bass. 

The Journey

Except for minor hitches, the journey thus far has been smooth for Abiogenesis.

 Memorable Moments

Each show has been special to us, but in November 2005,
when we were to perform Howey music with the Bamhum for the first time at New Delhi’s Pragati Maidan
we were not sure how the crowd would respond.  But to our delight, the response was better than what we expected,
with the media also giving good reviews of our music and the Bamhum. We were also featured on the cover of Northeast Sun Magazine.
It was also a big honour to play for Bhutan’s Royal family at the Indian Embassy,
Thimpu on Indian Independence day in 2011. Another memorable
performance was at Mumbai’s Raj Bhawan the same year, where we performed in front of VIPs
and more than 160 consuls. Interacting with all the VIPs had been an experience which we will
always cherish. The reason being, when people from different cultures in different places
tap and sway along with us there is no doubt that they are
appreciative of our music and has that connection which really
keeps us going.


Whether an artiste intends or not,
youngsters look upto their artistes/heroes to a great extent
so it is equally important that the artiste/s behalf in a responsible manner
and write positive messages on their songs/work. Even their life style can have a
big impact on their fans as they are prone to imitate their stars.
Music is a powerhouse medium to reach
out to the masses.


“It’s a tough world and the tough gets going!”


Arenla and I draw inspiration from  each other
as we have been together through thick and thin.
We both have the same zeal for creativity
and complement each other in
all our works.

About The Band

Abiogenesis was born through Howeymusic and the Bamhum in 2005

Genre: Naga Folk Fusion

Contact: Notun Bosti, Dimapur, Nagaland

Email: abiogenesis@rediffmail.com

Phone: +91-9436003009

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Update: Abiogenesis is a proud recipient of the National award at the ninth Biennial award for your invention of the Bamhum from the President of India.